Composition Cake Toppers

Cake Topper 0074

manufactured by JAPAN, height of groom 3.75, notes: Native American Dolls

Cake Topper 0084

1910s, height of groom 7.25, notes: Kewpie dolls, bride wears only a net veil

Cake Topper 0423

1930s, manufactured in Germany, height of groom 3.75, notes: dolls with original box

Cake Topper 0437

1981, height of groom 8.00, notes: Princess Diana and Charles dolls

Cake Topper 0446

1990s, height of groom 7.50, notes: Hand made out of Hawaiian protea

Cake Topper 0464

manufactured by Bradley Dolls made in Korea, height of groom 8.50, notes: dolls, articulated arms

Cake Topper 0833

notes: dolls

Cake Topper 0895

1990, height of groom 1.50, notes: marbles

Cake Topper 1046

height of groom 16.00, notes: all white

Cake Topper 1118

1940s, height of groom 4.75, notes: dolls, probably German

Cake Topper 1219

1920s, manufactured in Japan, height of groom 5.25, notes: dolls articulated arms

Cake Topper 1288

height of groom 12.00, notes: Korean couple in glass box

Cake Topper 1600

manufactured by Legend Doll Series, height of groom 9.75, notes: dolls # 1972 out of 2500

Cake Topper 1622

height of groom 9.25, notes: Austrian dolls